Cycling 101: Bike Upgrades


This guide will get you through how to upgrade your bikes, depending on your budget. They said that probably the sexiest thing that you can do is put on some carbon wheels, if you do not want to read this guide. But do not worry; this will be short so hang on.


Here are some tips to do Bike Upgrades:


1.Make it Lighter. Besides aesthetics, to make your bike lighter and provide more aerodynamics, do the carbon wheels. It will decrease the stiffness and help you accelerate quicker and climb a lot faster than alloy wheels. And if you are into climbing, aim for the shallower wheel. And if you do a lot of fast, flat road riding, then go for a deeper section wheels.


2.23 is the Number. Yes, 23 mm of width or larger is going to be your favorite number. You have to consider this because you are aiming for the most efficient tire. It is the suppleness and puncture resistance. Something flexible yet with the good number of its width is going to roll really well in comparison to something that is a stiff as a leisure bike. The trend right now for procycling is for as wider as 23 mm or higher.


3.Bicycle Insurance. It is not easy to assume that carbon wheels and lighter models are cheap. You have to prepare yourself as well for the cost. But do not worry. There are a lot of push bike insurance companies that will give you the best deal out of what you really need.


4.Type of Riding.  Again depending on the type of riding that you do will determine what type of tire is best suited for you. But in general, a wider tire is a whole lot better. Just remember this, "thin = fast, wide = comfort."


5.Saddles for your Bums. It is actually hard to recommend what is the best type of saddle for you because we have different anatomical structure of our gluteus muscles. The safest thing to do is to try different saddles in a bike store. Do not be afraid. Just do it. General rule, a more flat saddle allows you more room to move a lot. And a curved saddle will help you ride and keep you in place. The width of your saddle should accommodate your sit bones. Males and females have different width of measurements for sit bones. Ask for a help of an expert about this. For more facts about triathlon, visit this website at


6.Theme of Comfort. Handle bars make a huge difference for your comfort. Compact handle bar is going to be a lot more comfortable and easier to shift with. While the traditional handle bar will make you sit a lot deeper during the drops and make you aerodynamic. Wider handle bar is a lot more comfortable while narrower handle bar is a lot more dynamic.


Bottom line, seek for the theme of comfort and your style. Enjoy riding!